SunMax ISO Container

Mobile ISO Containerized Solar Power System

The Sactec Solar SunMax ISO Container products are mobile, containerized hybrid power solution combining a solar, wind, battery, and diesel generated power system which is incorporated into a custom ISO steel framed container. The high reliability and adaptability of the system design allows for immediately deployment anywhere. The system is powered by a Watt Solar Array, which in combination with its battery banks, inverter electronics, and a back-up diesel generator, provides up to 20 KWh per hour of energy with charging currents up to a Max Amps DC. This compact and lightweight system utilizes high efficiency monocrystalline panels, which feeds a flooded sealed battery bank system that stores A/Hr at V for delivering a pure sine wave having either a single or triple phase VAC output.

Due to the robust electrical and mechanical engineering utilizing the most advanced photovoltaic subsystems and controls, the SunMax ISO Container achieves the highest solar efficiency of operation with proven reliability. Like all SacTec Solar Products, the SunMax ISO Container comes with an extended five year warranty. The system specifications contain the following:

  • Watts solar array with Multi Axis tracker
  • A/Hr at V sealed battery bank system
  • High efficiency monocrystalline panels
  • ¬†Inverter for Watts at Volt AC, Hz, single or triple phase operation
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller delivers power from PV and CPV array to the battery bank
  • Remote battery bank monitor
  • System Control Panel for Inverter

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