SunMin PwrPak

A mobile space grade triple-junction gallium arsenide solar panel array power pack utilizing the sun for the charging and recharging for devices in off-grid environments. Generates over 5 watts of power in full sunlight to recharge various devices for in field applications. The SunMin PwrPak is ruggedized, durable, lightweight, and weather resistant. It is designed with a heavy duty case made of glass filled ABS material to withstand extreme environments for years of in-field applications. It includes a push button control and a 3 color LED array, which indicates the status of the battery charging function. In addition, a white LED (easily viewed in the sunlight) indicates if the device is charging. Also, aluminum carabines for attachment functions are included for in-field backpacks and vehicles.

  • A versatile, mobile, space/military grade triple-junction gallium arsenide solar panel array power pack
  • DC charge input at 12V DC input
  • Includes an internal lithium polymer battery backup at 2200 mAh
  • Charge and Recharge at 1.2 Amp output for a quick charge
  • Cover made of ruggedized and weather resistant high impact plastics to protect the device externally and internally
  • Soft rubber sleeve seals the critical components for added protection
  • Push button control and colored and white LED indicators for charging status
  • Solar panel produces over 5 watts with an efficiency rate of over 40%
  • Device available in both mil-spec and commercial versions

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