SunMax eGrid

The SunMax eGrid products are designed for community scale energy (e) storage in smart grid applications typically seen on a micro utility substations. The SunMax eGrid product is available from 1kWhr to 100kWhr with superior performance characteristics to any sized energy (e) systems. The eGrid is available in a fully water-tight container suitable for installation in a subterranean environment. The modular design of the eGrid system allows system capacity and voltage to be varied with a minimum of customization effort and risk. This energy storage system is designed for off-grid remote applications. The eGrid system is configured with lithium-ion storage coupled with power conditioning converter modules. Each eGrid contains Lithium Polymer battery cells. The modular design allows for simple customization by the addition or deletion of modules to meet a customer requirement. Redundancy ensures that the failure of one module will not impact the entire system. The eGrid configuration minimizes the total space required to function on a tower or platform. Each module and corresponding system is designed to ensure reliable and repeatable performance even in the event of misuse. The eGrid system is organized to ensure maximum energy storage and delivery. Separate voltage converters can be integrated into the system to provide regulated voltage. This will ensure that the loads can draw the power required. The system design can accommodate a standard rack or standalone configuration.

SunMax eGrid Features:

  • Lithium Polymer cell technology up to 5,000 charge/discharge cycles at 80%
  • Smart Battery System decreases damage due to misuse
  • High rate cell balancing
  • Ethernet, CAN, or MODBUS commumications to external monitoring
  • Gas Gauging and tracking of performance reporting
  • Factory programmable thresholds for application settings
  • Durable aluminum enclosure
  • Modular power sharing on charge and discharge
  • Easy plug-and-play connection of modules into any size system
  • Communications port to remotely turn battery pack on and off
  • Charge control built into each pack

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