SunMax HybridSkid

The SunMax HybridSkid alternative energy system is a solar/water/wind/and electric hybrid power station configured on several platforms including skids, shelters, and ground locations. The system is a ruggedized system ideal for remote, off-grid environments with or without skids. The SunMax HybridSkid is a self-contained standalone power station and includes hydro, solar panel, wind turbine and optional electrical generator components. The system is configured in a skid based container designed for efficient and cost-effective transport to remote regions. The station is engineered as a hybrid renewable system with a generator backup.

SunMax Hybrid Features:

  • Ruggedized system for off-grid environments
  • Plug-and-Play hybrid modular power system
  • Provides reliable renewable hybrid power from solar panels, wind turbines, hydro, battery banks and electrical generators
  •  Expandable based on customer requirements
  • Provides power and climate controlled interior configurations
  •  System utilized as micro grid power source, water/shower units, and operational centers
  • System configured for easy shipment in standard freight containers.

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