SacTec Solar is a leading manufacturer and systems integrator of mobile, hybrid, iso-containerized, alternative energy solutions for remote off-grid, life critical, and emergency applications. Our company designs mobile containerized solutions easily deployed anywhere in the world. These easily transportable solutions incorporate solar array, wind turbine, battery power, inverters, converters, and optional backup generators as reliable alternatives to diesel generated solutions. Our reliable alternative energy solutions provide immediate sustainable energy to remote regions where standard transport maintenance is costly and life critical. Designed for ruggedized applications in extreme environments with low maintenance requirements, SacTec Solar products support the military, government, industrial, and international markets.


SacTec Solar entered the solar industry by collaborating and co-developing with Boeing handheld solar products for military applications. The company is incorporated as an LLC in the State of California. The company headquarters is in California and the manufacturing is in Palm Springs.

SacTec Solar is a manufacturer and systems integration company developing mobile, hybrid, ISO-containerized MIL-STD alternative energy solutions for remote, off-grid, life critical, and emergency applications. Our solutions are designed utilizing a combination of solar, wind, power converters, inverters, and optional fossil fuel generators. Our efficient, mobile, hybrid energy solutions minimize the ever increasing costs associated with the transport and deployment impacting governmental agencies such as the DoD, DHS and FEMA. Our energy solutions reduce overall costs through efficient transport and deployment to remote critical response regions within hours rather than days.


SacTec Solar’s mission is to provide easily transportable, sustainable solar energy solutions for remote, off-grid, life critical, and emergency applications that improve upon the national security and emergency applications.

Management Team

The Company was founded by Robert Kunesh, CEO and President, with decades of experience in such diverse industries as solar energy, ceramics, wireless communications, semiconductor design and fabrication, and military electronics packaging. The senior technology team includes electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers with expertise in high-thermal ceramic processing, micro-electronic packaging and encapsulation, optical focusing and laser systems, electrolytic plating, assembly and brazing of microelectronic materials, and more.

Advisory Board

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