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High Energy Solutions for High Temperature Environments


SacTec Solar provides solutions designed to meet harsh environmental footprints. Our scalable solutions are expandable to meet growth demands. Our CPV solutions can deliver a much higher energy output than the conventional silicon photovoltaic and thin film solutions. Our systems are designed with field proven components and system level qualifications to meet high reliability standards for maximum energy yield. SacTec Solar provides a mobile solution which we refer to as the “mobile energy oasis” which is capable of being deployed in high temperature environments. SacTec Solar’s ruggedized hybrid energy power systems offer higher energy output especially in extreme and harsh temperature environments. Our self-contained “turnkey” solutions deliver a greater energy output than standard silicon PV solutions, which lose up to 20% of their production rate in higher temperature environments.

SacTec Solar’s CPV solution integrates high efficiency triple junction solar cells with advanced focusing optics to provide high energy yields greater than conventional photovoltaic PV systems per panel dimension. Our fully integrated energy power system consists of dual CPV power panels, multi-axis tracking system, energy storage and conversion systems adaptable to either off-grid or on-grid applications. The CPV power unit is integrated onto a ruggedized panel design to withstand rigorous performance and safety standards. This design has been optimized for high reliability and field durability. Our CPV system is integrated with precision tracking control system which maintains a high energy output throughout the day.


Why it is more beneficial to utilize SacTec Solar’s mobile power center systems? Our fully integrated solar/wind iso-container alternative energy solutions are more reliable and less expensive that the conventional PV solar panel or diesel generated energy solutions. Our efficient, mobile, hybrid energy solutions minimize the ever increasing costs associated with the transport and deployment impacting Governmental agencies such as Defense, Homeland Security, and FEMA. Our energy solutions reduce overall costs through efficient transport and deployment to remote critical response regions within hours rather than days. For the remote corporate market sectors such as the Petroleum Industry, our solutions offer cost effective, easily deployable alternative energy solutions. For developing countries, our solutions support sustainable community infrastructure development such as water pumping and purification, refrigeration, and communications requirements.

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