Solar Energy Market Outlook

Since 2008, the price of related fossil fuel energy products has doubled. The US Military, DOD, and DOE link alternative energy product development and solutions to lives and dollars saved. The US Air Force has set a goal by 2014 to have the majority of its fleet certified to fly on biofuels. The US Navy has established a goal by 2020 to have 50% of all their bases and vehicles powered by renewable energy solutions. Over the next five years, CPV solar technology will surpass PV solar technology and it is projected that within ten years, CIGS solar technology will emerge as a leader in solar technology.

As the solar industry’s technology continues to change and evolve, SacTec Solar will continue its R&D on the next generation of micro and nanotechnology solar cells as well as strengthen its strategic partnerships to ensure it’s competitive advantage and leadership in the solar marketplace.

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